We’re thrilled to announce the BHHS Legacy Foundation has awarded grant funding in the amount of $30,000 to Esperança for Health Education Programs.  The monies granted will go towards health-related preventative education programs, including oral health, nutrition and physical activity to underserved families who attend the Legacy Foundation Chris-Town YMCA programs or live nearby.

Thanks to the grant, Esperança will be able to provide education on topics such as: diabetes, hypertension, asthma, heart disease, fever, diarrhea, skin problems, ear infections and cough vs. flu.  Programming will be delivered in English and Spanish over the next two years, with a goal of improving community health for people without regular access to the health care system.

“We extremely grateful for BHHS Legacy Foundation’s support, said Tom Egan, president and CEO of Esperança.  “It’s allowing us to expand the program to another service area within Metro Phoenix.  These individuals and families have been lacking preventative education and it’s really excited to know we’re going to play an active role in educating them.”



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