Esperança International Model

In order to make a more significant impact, Esperança’s program model is to partner with an in-country indigenous organization who shares our mission, values and principles.  These partnerships aim to: 1) strengthen the indigenous organization’s technical and financial capacity, and 2) contribute to improved health and development for the underserved local population through the leveraging of resources.

Esperança’s goal is to help the indigenous organization and local communities reach sustainability and self-sufficiency.  We believe that this is accomplished best through working with an indigenous partner. Our partners have the experience, knowledge, cultural understanding and expertise to work with rural communities, government systems, and logistics. They know the needs of the communities, the best way to organize villagers to complete a project such as a water system or home, how to navigate local government agencies like the Ministry of Health, and who to contact when a vehicle breaks down. We are able to provide technical assistance, financial support, and access to resources such as research for innovation and evaluation.

We select partners who complete a rigorous vetting process which includes transparency about their financial statements and internal documents such as policies and strategic plans. They must have low operating costs, regular audits, and have outside funders beside Esperança that can recommend them. We communicate with our partners regularly through email, Skype, site visits, and quarterly financial and program reports. Because our partnerships are mutually beneficial, they last a long time, some since the indigenous organization was first founded.

We feel confident that the dollars that our donors entrust us with are best used through these types of partnerships, and the poor rural communities in the developing countries we work in greatly benefit through these relationships as well.

Esperança U.S. -Based Model

Since 1999, Esperança has been working in the Phoenix Metropolitan area to meet the health needs of low-income and underserved families in our local neighborhood. Our expertise is providing evidence-based culturally appropriate health education to address chronic illness, obesity and oral health.

In order to make a more significant impact, our model is to partner with community-based medical and dental providers who share our mission, values and principles. By providing preventive health education in conjunction with direct providers of medical and dental care, the efforts of all organizations can be leveraged to make the biggest impact in the communities we serve. More importantly, families are able to access comprehensive health services which lead to improved health.

We believe this model is the most effective and sustainable approach to making healthy changes in the population we serve, thus furthering the efficiency of our programs and financial resources.


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