Volunteer Application

If you are reading this information, your mission has been confirmed and you will be volunteering with us very soon!  We are sure your affiliation with our program will provide an unforgettable experience for you and those you assist in Nicaragua. Below are some items for your review and completion.  

Flight and Hotel Arrangements Esperança will make all necessary travel arrangements for your team once your team’s volunteer applications are complete. You will approve flight arrangements prior to ticketing, as portions are nonchangeable/nonrefundable. Air travel will need to be reimbursed prior to ticketing (or immediately after when payment is made by check). When done this way, you are simply making a tax-deductible donation to Esperança. We will send you an invoice for reimbursement, which can be paid by check, by phone with your credit card, or online through our website: https://www.Esperança.org/donate/.  We like to offer the convenience of a credit card but if you do not have a preference, a mailed check is ideal for us to avoid the credit card fees of 3%.

Volunteers who prefer to make their own arrangements or use their own travel agency need to send a copy of their travel itinerary to Esperança BEFORE flights are purchased. Any lost luggage, delays or related expenses shall be handled by the volunteer as we cannot intervene in travel we have not booked.

Increased costs due to flight changes, cancellations or rescheduling are the responsibility of each volunteer.

Here is a sample letter for those volunteers who wish to solicit local donations toward their volunteer expenses: Sample Fundraiser Letter.

Communication with Previous Volunteers -Please feel free to contact our previous volunteers with any questions you may have, as they are a valuable resource. I can provide you with that information upon request.

Inventory of Supplies – The team should obtain any supplies and medications needed for the surgical mission (through medical reps, donations, etc.) and take them at the time of travel. Unfortunately, we are not able to send any items by postal service. The Mission Inventory form should be completed, with the list of items and their values, and returned to our office at least one month prior to departure.

Stories and Pictures We ask our volunteers to try to take pictures when possible and learn as much as they can about their patients.  Shared stories and impressions are a priceless means of conveying our work to our supporters and potential donors, and their contributions fund the surgical mission program.

The following  timeline and checklist outlines the steps that need to be taken prior to your trip and upon your return. You can also click here to download a copy.

Action Item Timeline Person Responsible


Make inquiry about program to determine fit and availability 6 months- 2 years Volunteer
Submission of application upon the confirmation of dates 2-6 months Volunteer
Procure surgical goods for mission 1-6 months Volunteer
Obtain and send flight quote information 1-2 months Esperança Staff
Approve flight reservations before purchased 1-2 months Volunteer
Obtain travel immunizations 2 weeks-2 months Volunteer
Send a list of donated supplies and medications 4 weeks Volunteer
Obtain travel insurance(Optional) 2-4 weeks Volunteer
Send invoice to volunteer 2-4 weeks Esperança  Staff
Reimburse  Esperança for travel 1-3 weeks Volunteer
Review volunteer packet on website 1-3 weeks Volunteer
Send out mission details to volunteer by email 1 week Esperança  Staff
Send out government paperwork by email or Fedex 1-2 days Esperança  Staff
Pack Volunteer


Send pictures and mission feedback to  Esperança 1-4 weeks Volunteer
Receive final mission reports 4-6 weeks Esperança  Staff



















To begin your volunteer file, please send the following information to Attn: Anna Ortiz, Surgical Program Coordinator at 1911 W. Earll Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85015 or scan and email it(faxes will NOT be accepted):

  • Personal Health Form  Make sure to print neatly and include your email address, home and work contact numbers and mailing address.
  • Passport  Color copy of the face sheet (the page with your name and picture) or you can email a scanned copy.  Your Passport must have at least six months validity from your date of travel.
  • CV/Resume  Copy of your CV or resume, not to exceed 3 pages.
  • Diploma Legible 8.5 x 11” copy of your medical/nursing school diploma and any specialty diplomas.
  • Medical License – Copy of your current, valid medical/nursing license.
  • Liability Release Form and Communication Release Form – Complete these documents and sign them in the presence of a Notary, prior to returning them to our office.

Please feel free to contact Charlie Fulks, Surgical Program Coordinator via email with any questions you may have.  Again, we very much appreciate your interest in providing surgical services to the people we serve.  We are very excited about having you on our surgical schedule!


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