Anchors of Hope Young Leadership Board is a group of emerging 20/30’s leaders that are interested in expanding on the mission of Esperanҫa through their professional and personal network while improving health and providing hope for the poorest communities of the world. Anchors of Hope will enhance the visibility of Esperança’s domestic and global work through a variety of fundraising opportunities, professional and personal networking, and volunteerism. Anchors of Hope never have to start a sentence with, “I should’ve…”

Anchors of Hope serve a one-year term and commit to volunteering approximately ten hours per month to support their community and Esperanҫa. All participants sit on one committee as well as attend at least eight out of ten board meetings. Members are expected to host ½ table at the Hope Breakfast (not a financial commitment). There are no annual dues, but Anchors of Hope are highly encouraged and supported to connect with Esperanҫa staff, the Board of Directors and community members to move the pendulum to bring awareness of medical and public health issues.

Please send completed applications to 

Nicol Emerick, Stewardship and Marketing Coordinator, at or (602) 252-7772 Ext. 107

Anchors of Hope

2017 - 2018 term

Chair - Anchors of Hope
Co-Chair - Anchors of Hope