In the developing world, unsafe water conditions and a lack of basic sanitation can cause up to 80 percent of diseases. Most water sources are contaminated as they are used not only for drinking and cooking but for bathing, laundry, irrigation, and waste disposal as well. Waterborne illnesses, such as cholera, have devastating consequences for poor families, with children being the most vulnerable.

children at well2

Delivering clean water and improving sanitation is a major focus of Esperança’s work. We build community wells, water systems and latrines in every region we serve using local materials. Each benefiting family participates in the construction process, providing all of the labor and taking true ownership of their new water source.

clean water and sanitation

Countries Served:  Bolivia, Mozambique, Nicaragua and Peru

A well that is properly maintained can provide clean water for more than 30 years. Last year, Esperança provided clean water to thousands of  people through the construction of wells and water systems, improving the quality of water and life for thousands.

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