Millions in the developing world live in homes constructed of nothing more than cardboard, mud, sticks, and various discarded materials. Mud walls and thatched roofs also provide homes for disease-bearing insects. Cooking is done over an open fire, often resulting in harmful respiratory infections for the family and causing accidents and severe burns – especially for children.

house in Peru

Since 1970, Esperança has constructed and repaired thousands of new homes around the world. A typical home costs just a few thousand dollars and consists of two bedrooms, a living area, kitchen, bathroom and storage. We select families who demonstrate the greatest need. We provide the materials, training, and oversight to complete each home. The benefiting family then provides the labor. The end result is a well built home that will provide families with a safe and clean place to live for many years.

home building


Countries Served: Bolivia, Nicaragua and Peru

To construct a home in Peru costs just $2,500. Over 10,000 homes have been repaired or constructed to prevent illnesses like Chagas disease and respiratory infections.

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