Adequate nutrition is critical to maintaining health. Malnutrition increases both the risk of contracting disease and the severity of any illness. Growing children are especially vulnerable.

quinoa intercambio de experiencia

Esperança is investing in food-related micro business opportunities for very poor families. We provide livestock like pigs and chickens or seed crops like quinoa and the relevant training to ensure success. Families gain a stable source of food, immediately improving their nutrition. Profits from selling excess milk, eggs, grain and other crops can be used to further improve the family’s health, such as replacing mud walls with healthier materials, continuing their child’s education or gaining access to clean water.

nutrition and food security


Countries Served: Nicaragua, Bolivia, Mozambique, Peru and United States

The average person earns less than $1 per day in Nicaragua. A chicken microbusiness project costs just $54 and provides $1.50 of income per day by selling the eggs as well as providing nutrition for a family.

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