Of all the work Esperança conducts, none has a more dramatic effect than the surgeries performed through our medical missions.
















The medical volunteers are general surgeons, plastic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, gynecological surgeons and pediatric surgeons who conduct operations for patients that have most likely never seen a doctor before in their lives. Volunteer surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses come from all over the U.S., procuring medical supplies for their mission and paying for their own airfare. Each team travels approximately 10 days and accomplishes between 40 and 50 surgeries.

When our local surgery personnel are not preparing for a surgical mission or administering one, they are processing donated medical equipment sent to them from Esperança.  A shipment of donated medical supplies is typically worth an estimated value of more than $1 million.

volunteer surgical program

Countries Served: Nicaragua

Last year, Esperança sent 14 volunteer surgical teams who performed over 1,000 free surgeries at an estimated in-kind value of $2.6 million dollars. Patients were treated for severe burns, cleft palates, injuries and deformities, goiters, hernias, and tumors. Over $1.8 million dollars of needed medical goods were donated to local clinics and hospitals.

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