Esperança has been working in Mozambique since 2003 in partnership with local organizations that share our same mission to improve the health of local families in a sustainable way. In this southeastern country of Africa, Mozambican families are improving their lives by accessing clean water and improved nutrition.

The majority of Mozambicans live on less than a $1.25 per day according to the World Bank. In this area of the world, not having access to clean water and diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cholera and malaria have decreased the average life span to just 49 years. Also, due to the lack of infrastructure, sewage systems have not functioned properly for decades. During the rainy season, the sewage systems frequently contaminate available clean water sources, making cholera rampant.

Our public health programs in Mozambique include:

  • Developing improved water systems to increase access to water and improve sanitation overall
  • Training families how to plant family gardens that can help improve the availability of nutritious food
  • Empowering communities affected by HIV/AIDS

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