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One Man’s Waste is Another Man’s Healing

Your support allows salvaged medical supplies to bring healing to Nicaragua

When you give of your time, talent or treasure, you want to know your generosity is making a difference. Bob and Edith have been financial champions for Esperança since 2007. They wanted to see firsthand how Esperança was

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Something to Smile about

How your support transforms the lives of children in rural Nicaragua

If you are a parent, you know that feeling of helplessness when your child is sick. For mothers in rural Nicaragua who are faced with economic struggles and a lack of available medical help, that feeling is compounded

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The Adventures of Ray Sachs and Mark Austerlitz

How you and our volunteer surgeons are giving new hope to the people of Peru

Ray Sachs and Mark Austerlitz are not just orthopedic surgeons, bridge players, and fundraisers; they are visionaries!
“Orthopedic missions to the developing world are uncommon because orthopedic equipment is so expensive. Equipping a ream

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