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The “Season of Death”… How do you Survive?

Trinidad and Pablo struggle to survive, and to keep their family alive. Three generations live together in the so-called “Dry Zone” in a humble little house on a hill next to the field they farm. A river runs nearby — but getting water up the hill to irrigate their crops is painfully difficult and time-consuming.

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From Accident to Opportunity

How volunteer work can bring restoration
In March of 2016, Ramón was struck by a car while crossing the street, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) – a condition that severely impacts physical and cognitive abilities and which forced him to quit the new supervisory role at a

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How You Keep the Water Moving in Rural Nicaragua

Success of Santa Ana-El Diamante
How You Keep the Water Moving in Rural Nicaragua
When you look at the area around Santa Ana-El Diamante, you see winding, dirt roads running through forests, tree dotted hills, and expansive coffee plantations.
Simeon, a farmer who has lived here his entire life, knows

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World Coffee Day

In honor of World Coffee Day, we wanted to share how important coffee is to the culture of the people we serve in Nicaragua.
The coffee plant tends to be difficult to grow. It requires high humidity, lots of water, indirect sunlight, and temperatures no lower than 60 degrees F

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