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Shipment of Hope

In 2012, $765 billion worth of perfectly usable medical supplies were thrown away…

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Bringing Hope - Providing Health - Transforming Communities

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the people we work with are our purpose.

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The gift of one father to his Family

In the small community of Colón Abajo, nestled within the Department of Jinotega in central Nicaragua, the climate is warm and dry, often referred to as “The Dry Zone.” This harsh environment makes it difficult to grow crops. Locals refer to the dry winter months as “La estación

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Join us for our first Medical Supply Drive!

Our first Medical supply drive and recycling event was a huge success!


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Bringing Hope to Children and Families in Mozambique

How much is a life worth? I would say, at least $25.

Imagine someone doomed to die – but brought back to life, restored to health, for just $25.
Today, You and I have an opportunity to give them a proper diagnosis, initial treatment, and ongoing care. Every $25

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