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Optometry Mission to La Dalia, Nicaragua

Dr. Foss and his team are heading out on ANOTHER mission with us! Unlike most of our missions, Dr. Foss is not a surgeons, he is an optometrist! His team brings thousands of dollars worth of glasses and equipment to small, rural clinics in Nicaragua.

Gynecology Mission to Nicaragua

Not only is Dr. Foltz a critical member of the Esperanca Board of Directors, he his one of our most active volunteer surgeons. But why take it from us, check out the video below so he can tell you himself!

Dr. Folz and his team will be traveling

The Faces of hope

The people who's lives have been transformed through our work

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Bringing Hope - Providing Health - Transforming Communities

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We Believe in Human Rights

We are working every day to ensure everyone has the right to a good life.
On December 10th, 1948, the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document describes 30 fundamental rights that people are entitled to, no matter your age, race, nationality, gender, or sexuality.
Here at

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This Thanksgiving, a Whole New Kind of Blessing.

You and I have “plenty.” We have much.
If I start feeling sick, I go to the medicine cabinet in my bathroom. If I don’t find what I need, I
drive to the pharmacy. If it’s something a little more serious, I can visit my doctor. If my doctor

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Health at the Homefront

Esperança’s mission is to make it possible for members of the community in Phoenix and abroad to live healthier lives, so it only makes sense that we take the same approach when it comes to our employees!
The Healthy Arizona Worksite Award seeks to recognize employers that are making

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