Clean Water Success Stories

The Q’eros Nation – The Last of the Incas

A trip report by Elena Burr, Fund Development & Marketing Coordinator
About the Q’ero
The Q’eros Nation is made up of five communities in the Peruvian Andes, roughly 75 extremely rugged miles east of the nearest city, Paucartambo. An estimated 2,000 people call these communities home, the highest of which

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How You Keep the Water Moving in Rural Nicaragua

Success of Santa Ana-El Diamante
How You Keep the Water Moving in Rural Nicaragua
When you look at the area around Santa Ana-El Diamante, you see winding, dirt roads running through forests, tree dotted hills, and expansive coffee plantations.
Simeon, a farmer who has lived here his entire life, knows

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Water is Life!

Written by: Esperança Board Member, Julie Kurtz, MS, RD, CDE
In Esperança’s Quarterly Newsletter, I read about Maria… a mother who has hope because her family no longer has to worry about drinking and cooking with dirty water. Maria is responsible for all the water her family needs for cooking, cleaning,

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¡Agua es vida!

Water is life — the phrase echoes through the four communities where Anna Ortiz and Brenda Trejo are conducting water analyses. As interns sponsored by HealthWorks Collaborative, Anna and Brenda are working with Esperança’s nonprofit partner AVODEC to add strength to Esperança’s water and sanitation efforts in Nicaragua.

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Los Angeles Needs Water

Esperanca has a unique opportunity to correct the water crisis in Los Angeles, a rural village in Nicaragua, by piping clean, fresh water sourced from a pure subterranean spring to everyone’s home in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is just 1 of 12 villages Esperanca plans to bring clean drinking water to over the next four years.

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Juliet and Her Journey

It’s called a “faucet.” It brings you water, fresh, clean, safe water.
Imagine taking all your faucets away. No more water. When you want water — and you will certainly want water, probably very soon — you have to go find it. Wherever it is.
This was Juliet’s life. She

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World Toilet Day – 11/19/14

4,438: That’s how many children cholera and typhoid kill every day in places like Nicaragua.

To Americans like you and me, these are illnesses out of our history books, dangers faced by our forefathers and the pioneers of the old west. But in places like Santa Amalia,

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Day four the Mission of Hope: Latrines saving lives!

Latrines were the sight of the day! It is amazing to learn how a latrine is truly the cornerstone for a community’s health. On day four of the Mission of Hope we were in the community of Santa Amalia learning how a latrine is constructed and how the community rallies

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Day three Mission of Hope: Las Lomas, New Beginnings and Organization

Day three of the Mission of Hope, had a little later start that allowed the travelers with the group the chance to catch up on sleep. But once we were up we hit the road with the same passion that we had the day before. On this outing we saw

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