Disease Prevention Success Stories

To our Friends in Mozambique…Life Beyond HIV is Possible

It might seem like a death sentence — being diagnosed with HIV.
In Mozambique, 1 in 10 individuals are HIV-positive — but many hide it. Many cannot afford
treatment, and others refuse it because they’re afraid of being stigmatized.
But now, we have a way to embrace them … heal

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Health at the Homefront

Esperança’s mission is to make it possible for members of the community in Phoenix and abroad to live healthier lives, so it only makes sense that we take the same approach when it comes to our employees!
The Healthy Arizona Worksite Award seeks to recognize employers that are making

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Hope and Ganas

Your support drives success in our community
As Maria Valenzuela stepped into the classroom to give her carefully prepared presentation on oral health, something unexpected stopped her in her tracks. She recognized this place.
“As a little girl in first grade, I was here as a student,” she told the

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One Man’s Waste is Another Man’s Healing

Your support allows salvaged medical supplies to bring healing to Nicaragua

When you give of your time, talent or treasure, you want to know your generosity is making a difference. Bob and Edith have been financial champions for Esperança since 2007. They wanted to see firsthand how Esperança was

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Join us for our first Medical Supply Drive!

Our first Medical supply drive and recycling event was a huge success!


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Bringing Hope to Children and Families in Mozambique

How much is a life worth? I would say, at least $25.

Imagine someone doomed to die – but brought back to life, restored to health, for just $25.
Today, You and I have an opportunity to give them a proper diagnosis, initial treatment, and ongoing care. Every $25

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In the United States, Health care providers face a challenge— how do you help the sickest and neediest patients get healthier? Esperança’s work in the Phoenix Latino community models a promising approach to address this issue. 
Esperança’s work in Phoenix provides Promotores (Community Health Workers) opportunities to exchange information,

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BHHS Legacy Foundation Grants $75,000 to Esperança’s Health Education Program in Phoenix

BHHS Legacy Foundation has awarded grant funding in the amount of $75,000 to Esperança for Health Education Programs.   The monies granted will go towards health-related preventative education programs, including obesity prevention, oral health and chronic disease management to underserved families who live in Central Phoenix or the neighborhoods that line

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Arizona Families Receive Care Packages

Thanks to our generous donors, we collected and distributed 150 health and hygiene kits to children and families at our partner sites throughout Phoenix.  The kits were full of much needed hygiene supplies such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, shampoo, lotion and dental floss, to help the families get off

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