Volunteer Surgical Program Success Stories

A Friend in Need

Rosario Castro Talavera was born in Jinotega, Nicaragua. She is 54 years old; a wife and mother.  Rosario has been a volunteer with Esperança’s Nicaraguan partner, AVODEC, on a few agricultural projects, but never had a need for our medical services until recently. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with

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Shipment of Hope

Two hours northeast of the capital of Nicaragua lies the small but prominent city of Boaco. It’s known as “Ciudad de Dos Pisos” (The Two-Story City), due to its never-ending hills and inclines. The city itself houses approximately 19,000 people. The Boaco Regional Hospital sits on the outskirts of the

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Esperança Launches Primary Care Brigades in Nicaragua

There are several factors that still prevail in Nicaragua which make it difficult to provide comprehensive care to the low-income population: geographic inaccessibility, absence of nearby health posts, lack of trained professionals, lack of medical supplies and necessary medicines, and a belief rooted in the communities that prevents seeking conventional

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The Ripple Effect

By Reeder Enrique Lanzas, DDS
“My name is Reeder Enrique Lanzas. I was born in Leon, Nicaragua and at age of six moved to the capital, Jinotega. Growing up, my family was always dedicated to service. My mom is a dentist and my dad is a nurse, serving as the Surgical

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What Makes Esperanҫa Different?

A piece from Esperanҫa’s CEO, Jeri Royce
A recent NPR article entitled “Advice to Parachuting Docs: Think Before You Jump Into Poor Countries” talks about using caution when providing medical support in less developed and poor countries. Typical mistakes made by the “Parachuting Doc” include performing surgeries in areas where

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A grateful Peru welcomes back Esperança Volunteer Surgeons

How your support is bringing hope to mothers and children across PeruBy Mark Austerlitz, M.D.

Many of you are aware of my medical mission last year to Abancay, Peru, with Dr. Ray Sachs and the rest of our team, where we identified what we felt was a neglected area

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This Thanksgiving, a Whole New Kind of Blessing.

You and I have “plenty.” We have much.
If I start feeling sick, I go to the medicine cabinet in my bathroom. If I don’t find what I need, I
drive to the pharmacy. If it’s something a little more serious, I can visit my doctor. If my doctor

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From Accident to Opportunity

How volunteer work can bring restoration
In March of 2016, Ramón was struck by a car while crossing the street, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) – a condition that severely impacts physical and cognitive abilities and which forced him to quit the new supervisory role at a

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One Man’s Waste is Another Man’s Healing

Your support allows salvaged medical supplies to bring healing to Nicaragua

When you give of your time, talent or treasure, you want to know your generosity is making a difference. Bob and Edith have been financial champions for Esperança since 2007. They wanted to see firsthand how Esperança was

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