49 years of transforming lives!

Thanks to you, Father Tupper's legacy lives on!

Almost five decades ago, Father Tupper set out for the Central Amazon Valley in Brazil with a dream - to bring hope to children, men and women living in one of the most disadvantaged countries in the world. Read his letters and view the astounding photos of his journey.

Esperança’s Family Heritage

Thanks to you, Father Tupper's legacy lives on!

When his tour of duty concluded, young Dr. Tupper knew he had found his calling. He entered the Sacred Heart Province of Franciscans and was ordained to the priesthood in 1969. Vowing to care for the bodies and souls of the poorest among us, he sought a way to return to Brazil.

In 1970, Father Luke was visiting his brother, attorney Jerry Tupper, at his home in Phoenix shortly after his ordination. He explained how he was trying to find support to conduct mission work in Brazil...

Father Luke's Journey

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