We Believe in Hope.

We invest in people.

Esperança (es‧pe‧ran‧sah), the Portuguese word for hope, resonates in everything we do.

We are more than doctors, donors, volunteers. We are activists, community members, and global citizens. We are connected to our work because we are there, on the ground, letting the people tell us what they need.

Our Mission: to improve health and provide hope through disease prevention, education and treatment for every life we touch.

Our Vision: health equity for everyone.

Our Values

1 Sound Stewardship


We treat everyone with nonjudgmental care and sensitivity, honoring their unique life experiences and conditions.
3 Authentic Communication

Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness goes beyond a simple understanding of another’s culture and belief. It encompasses being aware of one’s own world view, recognizing positive attitudes toward cultural differences, and demonstrating genuine respect for other’s lived experiences.
2 Fiscal Responsibility


Our programs are aligned with the needs of a community, not a predetermined set of solutions.
4 Dedication


We are committed to serving our communities regardless of uncertainty or adversity.