In order to make a more significant impact, Esperança’s program model is to partner with an in-country indigenous organization who shares our mission, values and principles.  These partnerships aim to: 1) strengthen the indigenous organization’s technical and financial capacity, and 2) contribute to improved health and development for the underserved local population through the leveraging of resources.


Esperanca Personnel Palmira Villarroel

Bolivia – Palmira Villarroel, MPH, RN
Palmira Villarroel, MPH, RN is the Executive Director of Esperanza Bolivia, our partner organization in Bolivia. Palmira has served the people of Bolivia on behalf of Esperanza Bolivia for over 23 years. She is a Registered Nurse with a master’s in public health. Palmira is responsible for all of the organization’s administrative and financial functions, which includes supervising more than 180 staff.



Esperanca Personnel Victorino Centeno
Nicaragua – Victorino Centeno
Victorino Centeno serves as the Executive Director for AVODEC, our partner organization in Nicaragua. He provides administrative oversight for Esperança’s projects, and has over 14 years of experience in managing public and health development programs in Nicaragua. His educational background is in business management, economics, and local business development. He was the original founder of AVODEC and is truly passionate about improving the health of poor Nicaraguans. Victorino oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization, resource development, and supervision of community health projects.


carmenPeru – Carmen Rosario Alvarez Ponce de Leon 
Carmen Rosario Alvarez Ponce de Leon is the Executive Director of CADEP, Esperança’s partner organization in Peru. She has worked with CADEP for 27 years, assuming the position of Executive Director in the year 2010.  Carmen is a champion for the most vulnerable populations in Peru and works on behalf of indigenous people, especially women, children and adolescents.  She is responsible for the implementation, technical and financial management of agency’s projects.





Mozambique – Eduarda Cipriano 
Eduarda Cipriano serves as the Executive Director of Nguni, our partner organization in Mozambique. She provides administrative oversight for Esperança’s projects, and has over 14 years of experience managing a wide variety of programs for a number of organizations in Mozambique. In addition, she has managed grants from international funders like USAID, UNICEF, and CIDA among many others. Her educational background is in psychology and special education which she completed in Norway. She assisted in the founding of the organization in 2010. Eduarda oversees the administration of the organization as well as providing its organizational vision and direction.