Faces of Mozambique

Bringing Hope to Children and Families in Mozambique

How much is a life worth? I would say, at least $25.

Imagine someone doomed to die – but brought back to life, restored to health, for just $25.
Today, You and I have an opportunity to give them a proper diagnosis, initial treatment, and ongoing care. Every $25

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Finding Folate

It is easy to imagine a mother doing anything she could: traveling any distance, facing any threat and paying any price, in order to keep her children safe. What is hard to imagine is a mother working tirelessly only to find that she and her children are still not receiving

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Sowing Seeds of Hope

Imagine you are 56 years old and need to care for fifteen grandchildren. You have fifteen lives that are depending on you to have their best interest at heart and have the ability to provide for them. For anyone this would be a monumental task let alone for someone in

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Teach a Man to Store a Fish?

When you think of the old saying, “Rather than give a man a fish you should teach him to fish”, do you ever think of where to store the fish? Food storage is something that most of us do not think twice about. However, most Mozambicans living in rural communities

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Juliet and Her Journey

It’s called a “faucet.” It brings you water, fresh, clean, safe water.
Imagine taking all your faucets away. No more water. When you want water — and you will certainly want water, probably very soon — you have to go find it. Wherever it is.
This was Juliet’s life. She

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Just a few drops of chlorine into a contaminated water source can make all the difference between life and death. Your gift of $112 will purchase enough chlorine to be distributed to an entire village of over 1,000 people preventing needless pain and suffering for many men, women and children.

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