Faces of Peru

Q’eros, beyond medicine

Written by: Jesus Tupacyupanqui Zuniga, Doctor at CADEP José María Arguedas Cusco
Can love overcome a disease? A hug, a smile or an “I am with you”?
The eagle is an extraordinary bird, with sharp vision and large, strong wings that carry them through the midst of storms. It is

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Grimanesa’s Support System

Grimanesa and her son arrived at the regional hospital of Abancay on Thursday, four days into Dr. Feuerstein’s mission…and long after the week had been scheduled and the team was no longer accepting new patients. Esperança staff attempted to explain the situation, but Grimanesa’s son was adamant that she at […]

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“I Can Finally Have a Son”

Abancay, Peru, also known as “the Valley of Eternal Spring,” is home to 37 year-old Salomé Hurtado, her husband, and their two children.  In this fertile valley, Salomé works as an at-home gardener, selling her fruits and vegetables at the market on the weekends. Her husband is a laborer in […]

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A Step in the Right Direction

Little Jonah is two years-old, the youngest of five brothers. His mother, Valentina, is a housewife, farmer, and native Quechua speaker in their home community of Ayasana, Peru. At birth, Jonah was diagnosed with bilateral equine foot, a condition that left both of his feet twisted, mangled, and unusable. At […]

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International Program Updates

By Anna Ortiz, MPH, International Program Director
In the past year, Esperança’s surgical program has undergone tremendous change. The rise of the political crisis in Nicaragua last April challenged the sustainability of our longest standing surgical program at that time. It forced us to take a step back and acknowledge

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Esperança’s First Ophthalmology Mission to Peru

A Trip Report by Elena Burr On October 21st, Esperança’s first ever Ophthalmology Mission to Peru hit the ground.  One of our few teams from Phoenix (Esperança’s home base), this was group’s first time travelling with Esperança. To accompany and support the first Ophthalmology team on their trip to Abancay, Esperança […]

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The Q’eros Nation – The Last of the Incas

A trip report by Elena Burr, Fund Development & Marketing Coordinator About the Q’ero The Q’eros Nation is made up of five communities in the Peruvian Andes, roughly 75 extremely rugged miles east of the nearest city, Paucartambo. An estimated 2,000 people call these communities home, the highest of which […]

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To Do: Survivie

What’s on your “To Do” list?
Maybe it’s long.
But, if you lived in the harsh highlands of Peru, your “To Do” list might be much shorter.
To Do:


Forget about planning ahead … forget about dreaming … Just get through the day alive.
The climate is

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A grateful Peru welcomes back Esperança Volunteer Surgeons

Many of you are aware of my medical mission last year to Abancay, Peru, with Dr. Ray Sachs and the rest of our team, where we identified what we felt was a neglected area of pediatric orthopedic care, namely congenital hip dislocations and hip dysplasia, along with other pediatric orthopedic […]

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