The Esperança Model

Community-Based. Culturally Competent.

In order to make a more significant impact, Esperança’s program model is to partner with an in-country indigenous organization who shares our mission, values and principles. This is only possible through the support of individual donors around the globe.

Our goal is to help the indigenous organization and local communities reach sustainability and self-sufficiency.  Our partners have the experience, knowledge, cultural understanding and expertise to work with rural communities and governments. The locals trust our partners because they are part of the community. These organizations understand the best way to communicate with the community, and how to organize them to complete a project, such as a water system or home.

Attacking suffering at the source

After caring for hundreds of people in the central Amazon region, our founder, Dr. Luke, noticed a trend: He would see children in one community on his way up river in his hospital boat, and the same children for the same illness on his way back down river.

Though he was making great progress treating illness, he knew he wouldn't make a substantial impact on the communities if he didn't address the causes of the diseases he treated most commonly.